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Chicago Entertainment During the Holidays

It’s getting to be that time of year with all of the food, celebrations, and entertainment. The next holiday is always here before you know it! And if you’re the type of person or shall we say designated as that person to put the family or company party together, it is your time shine. Whether you plan your party a few months in advance or scramble at the last minute, here are a few ideas to help kick-start any and all events this season.

Live Entertainment

Having live entertainment at any of these events can help set the mood and gets people ready to enjoy themselves. Our first bit of advice on this is to be sure to communicate any COVID safety requirements you or the facility may require such as vaccination proof etc. so that things can rum smoothly the day of. As far as options whether it’s a live band for the New Years, or Professional Singers for the Christmas season, everyone will have a blast when the right Entertainment is hired! Through Jovan Carter, you can have the choice of classics that include a Michael Jackson Impersonator, an Elvis impersonator, a Tina Turner Impersonator, Blues Brothers Tribute, Bands, Clean Comedians and more. You can also hire these acts if you’re in charge of getting the office party entertainment at work. Contact Booking Agent and Entertainer Jovan Carter at 630-631-8581 and receive press kits on any of the above acts in addition to others you would like to have.


There are plenty of events going on in Chicago that could be good for family, friends, and office parties. But if you don’t feel like taking your party elsewhere to celebrate, then grab some candy and fake spider webs and get the kids would involved with the gig. For an office party, doing something as simple as an ugly Halloween sweater contest or a costume contest can spice up any work environment.


There are so many horror stories of failed Christmas parties that it’s hard to get anyone excited for it. But by keeping it simple and fun there’s no way you can fail. Try it in the middle of the work day during the lunch period so that it’s easy for everyone. And having the CEO or the boss dress up like Santa Claus and handing out little party favors of simple candies or gift certificates would make anyone want to join in on the fun. And this is another time of year that ugly sweater contests would brighten anyone’s day. If you just want to throw a party for your close family and friends, just get little snack foods, make a bowl of punch, and play Pin the Nose on the Reindeer. And don’t forget the Christmas music that could accompany a dance party.

New Years

And say so long to the last year with a bang! Whether it’s throwing some bowling balls, or bar-hopping down Main Street, Chicago is full of possibilities to help you and your guests have a good time. But if you want a quiet evening at home, throw a few party favors in a bag including sparklers, shot glasses, confetti, noise-makers and more to help your guests ring in the new year with enthusiasm. The same thing can apply to an office end-of-the-year celebration. Just include lots of finger food, upbeat tunes, and an opportunity for people to express their final hoorahs for the year.

So if you are putting together a party for this upcoming holiday season in Chicago, challenge accepted. You can succeed without being the host with the most, you just have to be yourself and care about others having a good time.

(Note: Michael Jackson Impersonator 3 Legends services Wedding Reception Entertainment in the areas of Aurora, Chicago, Springfield, and many other locations outside the states of Illinios, Wisconson, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, and Ohio as well as Internationally.)

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