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Michael Jackson Impersonator 3-Legends Live

There have been many times when a client has explained their entire vision of a party for adults and have except there location for their big event. And it kind of makes sense because as soon as you type in 'birthday party places' in Google or other search engines the Kids places just dominate and typing for adults hardly makes it any better especially when "Punchbowl" (A site for recieving quotes where neither the costumer nor the provider has the specifications that are needed... a site I happen to be on but am very close to getting off... ) is the first thing that comes up. So I decided to do a series especially for the Adult who is looking for places to have their 30th, 40th, and 50th Birthday parties, Retirement Celebrations and etc. These features will be in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin of some of the great places I could reccomend to clients based on my firsthand experiences of the staff, ammeneties, and overall experience.

In the meantime as you think about your vision, think about your entertainment. As a Booking Agent I represent many great acts from Dynamic Elvis Impersonators to Cher Impersonators who will make you do a double take. Here in Chicago the Blues Brothers Tribute we work with get their fair share of requests and the song "Sweet Home Chicago" just helps you remember where you live. As an Entertainer myself a Michael Jackson Impersonator, services listed as 'Michael Jackson 3 Legends' 630-631-8581. I invite you to take a look at a recent performance...

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