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12 Office Party Ideas - Themes, Entertainment, and Venues Sure To Impress.

Party season is here. As the holidays approach, there is no shortage of activities and celebrations. You and your team work hard all year long and planning an event that includes an event around a theme, entertainment, or venue is great way to kickstart enthusiasm and a productive environment for the new year. Whether your company uses an in-house activity committee or hires an event planner, the goal should be to wow your attendees while not breaking the bank.

Here are some great party theme ideas that with the help of smartphones, Facebook, and Instagram will keep the celebration going all year.

Chicago: There are so many awesome things to do in the area but one thing that seems to be synonymous with Chicago is Oprah. In this respect, bring the original Oprah show to your party -goers by letting each one choose to dress as their favorite Oprah Show guest. Remember no Oprah show is complete without a surprise. So imagine the feel of having the closest thing to one of her biggest guests… Michael Jackson! You can do this by hiring the local Chicago based Michael Jackson Impersonator 3 Legends (630) 631-8581 for a special appearance and performance. Party-goers will be dancing in the aisles and singing praises about this event for years to come. (Note: The services of Michael Jackson 3 Legends is available outside of Chicago)

For a casual event, replicate the fun found at the Navy Pier. Let’s say your employees are normally required to dress in business attire, then they will especially enjoy the change of pace that comes with dressing in jeans in addition to seeing their other co-workers’ own interpretation of casual. Likewise instead of mediocre anything go for the best in wings, pizza, burgers, hot dogs. Add games and decorate with images of the Chicago skyline and you’ve brought the city right into your venue.

Cleveland: Rock N Roll! What better inspiration do you need than the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame? Invite guests to come as their favorite rockers, create a food spread that’s as crazy as the special requests of the rich and famous, here again amazing local Impersonators can fit the bill and make the event one that will not soon be forgotten.

Rock N Roll not quite right? Think “Botanical Gardens” – imagine - guests strolling around sipping cocktails, greenery everywhere, beautiful candlelit tables, and food that is light and airy. Easy-listening music in the background and soft lighting rounds out the perfect evening.

Detroit: One word. Motown! Your event is sure to be a non-stop party whenever you bring Motown. A 60’s themed party with food, drinks, music, and dancing will bring an energy that will last way into the night.

From Motown to showgirls – a Vegas themed night is a great compliment to the surrounding casinos of Detroit. Table games, buffet food, lounge acts, and guests who are ready for a night on the town make the perfect combo!

Indianapolis:The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Hall of Champions is a great theme for a casual event. Guests can don their favorite jersey from any college and university sports team and dine on tailgating food of wings, burgers, hot dogs, popcorn, beer and soda. Top it off with pendant engravings of the company logo, along with stats of the company’s major accomplishments for the year.

How about a brewery theme for an adult event? Guests can relax, mingle and enjoy samples of local brewed beers. Food truck style menu brings a great variety of eats while keeping with the casual beer and burger feel. Host this event in a historic building for an extra brewery vibe.

Milwaukee: In honor of the Harley Davidson Museum, party-goers are sure to have a blast at any event where the party attire is t-shirts, jeans, and leather. Casual finger foods and beer on tap will keep them socializing for hours.

For something a bit more formal, a take on the Milwaukee Art Museum might be just the thing. Tables named after famous artists, art on display, and a buffet table filled with dishes as beautiful as any work of art. This party is easy to create and very impressive for your guests.

Minneapolis: When you think of Minneapolis you think of Prince (or the artist formerly known as Prince) and when you think Prince, you think purple. The great thing about a purple themed party is that it can be as casual or elegant as you want it to be. By pairing purple with silver and candlelit tables you can create an event that will stream guests to arrive in an array of purple gowns and suits. The food choices for these type of parties are endless. The only limit is your imagination.

For a more outdoorsy feel, why not recreate the Zen of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden; a perfect theme to pair with a Christmas or New Year’s Eve event. A few simple additions of red/green accent lights, decorated trees, or a Father Time statue creates the beautiful setting for a light appetizer and cocktail only event.

The key to being the “go-to” host or event planner is to never stop planning. The day after your last event is the day to begin the next one. The ideas will flow, and you will be better organized as the result of being less rushed. Secondly, annual events should have their own dedicated budget and while every business needs to spend cautiously, it is important that the event not feel as if you skimped. By researching corporate party ideas, being creative, using DIY decorations, and hiring quality corporate party entertainment you can create something special.

Consider also the timing of your event and how hosting it on the anniversary of the company’s inception or another significant date can foster more of a “patriotic” feel toward the company. So not all annual parties need to be a Christmas party or New Year’s Party. Ultimately you know your company, employees, and what you want to accomplish. Just make sure that overall things are done in a way so that your employees feel as though it was an evening well spent!

Recent research results have shown this: 80% of employees say they're motivated to work harder when shown appreciation for their work. Take time to let them know that their hard work has paid off with an event that screams “JOB WELL DONE”!

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