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5 Ideas to make your Fundraiser Unique and a Success - Featuring Michael Jackson Impersonator 3 Lege

Although some have tried online fundraisers, nothing beats an old fashioned offline fundraiser. In fact, studies show that an offline event is 43% more likely to raise $5,000 if not more. However, when throwing such a benefit, you need to arrange the party of the century. This means giving special attention to different aspects, such as where to hold the event and who to hire for entertainment.

To help you with your good cause and make your event a major success, here are five ideas to make your Fundraiser unique and a success.

#1) Explore Creative Themes Related to Your Cause

Gone are the days when fundraisers had to be gala-like; now all you need is a creative theme. While you’re welcome to have a simple event, donors will be more generous once they start enjoying themselves. So, if you’re holding a school fundraiser, for example, make it fun through a country-inspired theme. Add a few hay bales around, dress up as farm boys and farm girls, and cater the menu accordingly.

#2) Hire the Versatile Michael Jackson 3 Legends to Entertain Your Guests

You should always hire entertainment for a fundraiser. After all, the event will go for hours and the last thing you need is for generous givers to leave because they’re bored. If you want the best there is, consider having Michael Jackson 3 Legends on stage. He is one of the top Michael Jackson Impersonators around, but he can also perform professional tributes to Jackie Wilson and James Brown. So, you can have him entertain your guests solely as the King of Pop or by combining these 3 Legends in one show.

#3) Try a Reverse Raffle Instead of the Traditional Option

Another way of keeping your fundraiser light-hearted and fun is by carrying out a raffle. However, excite attendees by giving the traditional idea a non-conventional twist. Instead of awarding gifts to ticket holders, give them a ‘gag’ prize that will take them out of their comfort zone. For instance, the winner will have to moonwalk with Michael or wear a funny wig for the rest of the event. This idea can be even more profitable if you choose to allow donors to sell back their tickets in return for a small sum like $5. Then again, where’s the fun in that?

#4) Hold a Date Auction

Sure, this may be a traditional idea, but it really works every time. At the entrance of your fundraiser, have people from both genders sign up for the auction and let the dating begin. If you want to make the bidding higher, you can reach out to any local celebrities you, or your friends may know, heck and while you’re at it get them to invite friends from their circle. This will bring good amounts to your cause and guarantee fun throughout.

#5) Have a Sponsored Sports Event

Whether you choose a walkathon or an indoors poker marathon, rest assured that people will love it as long as you aggressively market it and make it all about the cause. Just remember to plan this event properly and make sure to have everything participants would need. And, in case you were wondering, this won’t get you off the hook and you’ll still need to hire entertainment for a fundraiser. After all, donors need to catch their breath and be rewarded with a fun show after investing their efforts and money.

Keep these five ideas in mind and you’ll definitely have a great fundraiser that people will remember. And don’t forget, it is a must that you give yourself and your invitees enough time to prepare and promote. Happy Fundraising!

(Please note the Michael Jackson Impersonator 3 Legends also serves the areas of St. Thomas, Vancouver, Ca, Winnipeg, Ca, Thunder Bay, Ca, Sault Ste. Marie, Ca, Sudbury, Ca, North Bay, Ca, Ottawa, Canada, Toronto, Midtown, Toronto, , Montreal, Canada, Quebec City, Ca, Hamilton, Ca, Kitchener, Ca and beyond!)

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