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MJFanGirl Introduces- 3 Legends

Hey everyone! 
Welcome to a new series here on MJFanGirl, called MJFanGirl Introduces! 

I have so many awesome fan friends and meet new fans through the blog each and every day. I thought it would be a great opportunity to feature interviews with fans who are doing some awesome things in the fan community. For this first feature, we will be chatting with a Michael Jackson tribute artist from Gary, Indiana. He's had awesome reviews and is an Artist who really knows his stuff! I really enjoyed chatting with Jovan and learning more about what inspired him to become a Michael Jackson impersonator. Take a look at what makes him tick and learn more about the story behind his brand, Michael Jackson 3 Legends.

Q. It's so great to finally meet you Jovan! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A. Likewise! :)  Well I was born in Gary, In. I'm one of the younger ones of a large family... :) I don't think about it alot but my parents had 9 kids just like the Jacksons and my Dad's name is Joe. So  yeah... my story is very similar to Mike's.

Q. How long have you been a Michael Jackson fan?

A. I don't know if I can be precise because he was already everywhere on TV and in his prime in the 80's. when I was born , but I can definitely remember at age 4 watching the new videos from different Artists on B.E.T and MTV  wishing that he would be next, and then wanting everyone in the house... to just not distract me when he was on TV :).

Q. What are your favorite MJ songs? 
A. Billie Jean. That was the song that introduced the world to Michael on an iconic level. The whole sound and spirit is so unlike anything else before it. That song is a grindy base, layered with mysterious drama, sprinkled with Michael dust :). You can play Billie Jean almost anywhere and people will feel like dancing. I also like Remember the time, Bad, Butterflies, Off the Wall and the list goes on...



Q. When did you first become a MJ Impersonator? 

A. When I was 15 in Gary, In at Roosevelt High School where Michael and his brothers won their first  talent show. So we're talking about the same stage  and everything where I won my first talent show as a MJ Impersonator :).



Q. There are so many Impersonators out there. What makes you unique? 

A.  3 Legends. The first Legend of course is Michael Jackson and having a foundation so similar to his in terms of the same neighborhood in Gary and a similar family setup. When you talk about artistry and performing you can only pull from yourself and your experience. You can't copy it. Even the best Actors have to draw from something that's real. Michael not only studied but performed on a professional level tributes to Jackie Wilson and James Brown. You can find studio recordings of him singing "Lonely Teardrops" (Jackie Wilson) and "I Got the Feelin'" (James Brown)  was performed live by him to a number of audiences. I have been privileged to be one of the only Michael Jackson Impersonators I'm aware of who for a little over 10 years not only studied but performed on a professional level tributes to these same two Legends, Jackie Wilson and James Brown. If Michael with his rare performance talent had to study them to become what he became it really puts an Impersonator further out of reach if they don't do the same. 


Q. What kinds of events do you usually perform at? 

A. I perform for all ages at all types of events. Parades, Festivals, Quinceanera's, Wedding Receptions, Anniversary Parties, Parties for Adult's and Children. The events for Seniors, Family Reunions, and Retirement parties are usually the ones that I am booked to combine Jackie Wilson, James Brown, and Michael Jackson into one show.... I welcome new ideas and love getting in front of new people.

Q. What's the most rewarding thing about being a Michael Jackson Impersonator/ Tribute Artist? 

A. Seeing the same awe and wonder I had when I was a boy on a kid's face today and meeting elderly persons who literally have the most sincerest ways of saying how much they appreciated a show. As someone who would rehearse 3 hours for the insatiableness of it all prior to performing professionally, doing so now allows me to express something that I would otherwise have to harness to a large extent if I wasn't a Michael Jackson Impersonator. 

Thanks for chatting with us Jovan! It was awesome to learn more about this fan doing great things in the fan community. 

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