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What are your prices?

 Pricing is varied by how long the show is, location, and other factors. Such details may be entered in the form to request a quote for options and rates.

What makes you stand out from other MJ Impersonators?

In addition to his natural ability Michael studied and performed on a professional level tributes to James Brown and Jackie Wilson to and evolved his talent. Michael Jackson 3 Legends is one of the only well known MJ Impersonators who like Michael and for over ten years performed on a professional level tributes to those very Artists that shaped him as an ultimate performer. 

How long is your typical show?

Clients may choose entertainment between a 15 minute, 30 minute, 45 minute, or 1 hour show. The length of a typical show varies by event, client, budget, venue size and itinerary. For example larger Venues typically aim to feature a full length show. However, many smaller venues have booked longer shows and some larger venues with additional itineraries have booked for shorter shows. photo ops / meet & Greet can also be included in addition to the performance length.

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