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10 themes for your kids next birthday party!

As a parent, when your child’s birthday rolls around all you want to do is make them happy. Each birthday is a milestone and an opportunity to make lasting memories for you and your child. But planning a party can be daunting and intimidating if you don’t know which direction to go. That’s why giving the party a theme could make the day memorable, fun, and easy to plan. Here are a few birthday party ideas that can help you plan the party your child will remember for a lifetime:

  • 1. Michael Jackson Theme:

If your child like so many are is a fan of Michael Jackson make a stop at your local Party City and you will find some cool things for this theme such as glitter gloves, hats, and call Michael Jackson Impersonator 3 Legends 630-631-8581 who is a full time Tribute Artist that entertains at parties and social events whether in Chicago, Milwaukee, or Indianapolis as he travels throughout the Midwest and beyond! His live performance can enchant even the smallest of children. The kids especially light up when they hear the Jackson 5 songs “I Want You Back/Stop the Love You Save”. After the show, he will take pictures with your kids, sign autographs, and can even show them how to moonwalk! He is a true genius in children’s entertainment, and in no time you’ll see them singing and dancing.

  • 2. Circus theme

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages!..." it can be as flamboyant as you would like, but even the simplest details can make a big difference. Simply add balloons, party favors, and plates that exude color. Online you can find both a mobile petting zoo (you can find some in Chicago, Springfield, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, and many other places) as well as tracks of circus music to transport everyone into a homemade circus tailored for your child and all of his/her friends. Popcorn and a brightly decorated birthday cake could add just the right touch as well. And if hiring a petting zoo wasn’t on your list of possibilities, children love stuffed animals especially when they are each given one as a party favor. Just a little of this type of imagination could work wonders!

  • 3. Superheroes/Princess theme

Each child has a favorite superhero or Disney princess, and finding plates, napkins, and party favors in those categories are easy to find no matter where you go. It will help bring out your child’s passion as well as entertain their friends.

  • 4. Lego theme

This would be so easy and so fun, you’d probably want to do it every year! Kids love to play with Lego’s, and they would be able to explore their creativity all day long. Just grab a big bucket for the group, or individual sets for each child, and let them go wild. And with the new Lego movie out, finding any party supplies and decorations would be a breeze. There is also a place in Shaumburg, IL (buy the tickets online) called Legoland with essentially all the legos and activities your'e children could ever hope for.

  • 5. For girls: beauty spa theme

What little girl doesn’t love to be pampered? A simple beauty spa could be fun for girls of all ages as they get together to do each other’s hair and makeup, while playing with different types of lip gloss and nail polish.

  • 6. For boys: sports theme

Boys like to run around, and well… be boys! Encourage their enthusiasm by giving them a birthday celebration of their favorite sport. It will be a good opportunity for them to run around with their friends, and the birthday supplies are quick and easy to find for all kinds of different sports.

  • 7. Pirate theme

You may have a bunch of little children screaming: “Ahoy mate!” in your ear, but it will give your child and their friends a great opportunity to dress up in a costume and role play. All you would need is some eye patches, fake palm trees, the skull and crossbones, and lots of gold, foil-wrapped chocolate.

  • 8. Singing Telegrams

What do children love more than being the center of attention on their special day? Singing telegrams not only provide entertainment to everyone,but they also help the Birthday Child feel exceptional and important. Although not a theme this makes for a wonderful idea and hiring the perfect Entertainment for a kid’s birthday party is also convenient since there are many local singing telegrams throughout the Chicagoland, Indiana, and Wisconsin areas.

  • 9. Scavenger hunt

This could also go with the pirate theme, but it would be a simple activity to put together. Decorate however you want, bury some common household items in your backyard, give the kids a map to find them, and X marks the spot for loads of fun and teamwork!

  • 10. Swimming or Pool party

If it’s summertime, this could be a good idea to keep the kids cool. You could do a Hawaii or beach theme for the party supplies. Give everyone a “lei” better known as ‘the flower necklaces’ to go with a Hawaii theme, only until they start to make your guests hotter and they inevitably take it off (trust me at some point they will). The best of the activities may be the circulation of a couple of volleyballs bouncing around the party and seeing the adults having fun with the children. Just grab some pizza to top it all off, serve them lemonade, and your child will have the time of their life.

Be sure to make the planning just as fun as the party, and you will enjoy yourself. Not only that, but you will have plenty of lasting memories that could be the best present of all.

By: Erin Rice

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