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In the Spotlight: Why Quality Entertainment Matters to Your Business

Whether you are hiring Tribute Acts, Cover Bands, or DJ’s you have a certain expectation of what you are going to get out of the endeavor. Namely, you want the type of quality entertainment that will give you a competitive edge. So ask yourself these questions, then think about the affect that quality entertainment can have on your answers. How well do I maintain my clientelle? How well am I growing my clientelle? What makes my business, whether club or event planning service any better than the next guy?

A single act that graces the stage of a night club or similar establishment can cement a venue’s name in the minds of patrons for some time, and make it the place of choice for a night on the town. While it is easy enough to book a musician of some sort, this does not mean that just any performance or nightclub entertainment you book will resonate with your customers. This is also true if you are a proffesional planner for social events like weddings, corporate parties, and other celebrations. You want your guests to be thoroughly entertained, and this shouldn't be left to chance. You have to cater to the audience that you want to either keep, attract, or both. Therefore a combination of two methods is reccomended. The first is catering only to what you can gather that your clientelle will enjoy. The second is understanding and catering to live entertainment your clientele will enjoy, but that you are not yet aware of. The first method is no doubt one that you and your competition already strive for. However when the combination of both these methods have been implemented successfully it will give whichever service that taps into these niches first an upper hand.

Traditional Method: If you are a night club with an older audience, then it’s probably a good bet that your patrons will enjoy the cover bands that can play a mix of Motown, “Classic Anthem Songs”- (when these are played people inevitably sing along), and the big hits of the 80’s and 90’s music. If you are planning an event with a majority of guests in the 20 – 30 age range, then hiring a DJ to play the latest tunes of "Top 10's" and "Underground Hits"; Pop, Hip-hop, and/or a combination of both can be a winner. (Recommendations on Specific Bands and DJ’s along with their contact information are listed below).

Creative Method: These are acts that will cross social and genre lines by appealing to everyone. This is the case, for instance, with Tribute Artists such as the Michael Jackson Impersonator 3 Legends (More Recommendations on other specific Tribute Artists, along with their contact information are listed below). Invariably, the performances of these acts work well for just about any crowd and are the closest thing to having the actual star at your venue. Additionally there is a certain nostalgia that is only associated with a live performance from someone who can bring a person like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and other great icons back. In fact, planning themed events such as having your night club commemorate Michael Jackson’s birthday or other occasions are great for attracting large crowds, as well as providing entertainment for a rocking 80’s party, just as a ‘50’s Rock and Roll theme is the perfect backdrop for an Elvis Impersonator to do his thing.

Consider how the “Creative Method” has benefited both club owners and event planners in the age of social media. Today the old word-of-mouth way of marketing has been taken to new levels thanks to outlets of Twitter, Facebook., and Instagram. Herein lies an opportunity in the "Creative Method" that doesn't nessasarily exist with all Bands and DJ's you hire. When posts and comments on Facebook read something like: “Me and Michael Jackson!!”… “Where was this?” “Allstars Pub and Grill” “Next time take me with you” “Ok”, essentially that weekend entertainment just stamped perpetual free advertisement onto the aeon of the web. Without even asking this customer to tell a few friends about your place, they have communicated to virtually all of their friends about your place, resulting in added manifestations through subsequent tags, likes, tweets, and most importantly standing room only at your venue.

Can you tap into a combination of these methods both traditional and creative to have at your disposal what we'll call the ‘golden goose’ of local entertainment? Well take a look at the resources below to see what you can find in terms of quality entertainment in the Illinois/Wisconsin metropolitan areas.

  • Tribute Artist

  • Jovan Carter, Michael Jackson Tribute Artist/Chicago, IL (630-631-8581)

  • Joe Scalissi, Dean Martin Tribute Artist/Green Bay, WI (1-800-411-5678)

  • Elvis, Patsy Cline & Friends Tribute Show/Madison, WI

  • Eric Diamond, Neil & Nostalgia Show/Milwaukee, WI

  • Elvis Himselvis, Elvis Presley Impersonator/Springfield, IL (217-546-3369)

  • Bands

  • JODY/Chicago, IL

  • Honeyshot/Madison, WI (608-466-6467)

  • Element 13/Milwaukee, WI (414-350-0166)

  • Rob Juice and the Badboyz/Peoria, IL (708-250-0573)

  • D. Ruzicka Trio/Combo/Appleton, WI (920-203-3123)

  • DJ’s

  • Primetime Entertainment/Chicago, IL (847-687-3884)

  • Soundsation 2000/Bourbonnais, IL (815-933-4054)

  • DJ Fritz Entertainment/Milwaukee, WI (414-975-6058)

  • Indispensable DJs/Peoria, IL (309-264-5042)

  • Sound Decision Mobile Entertainment\Appleton, WI (920-358-8259)

Finally, hiring the right niche of entertainment for a night club or special event is rewarding in a countless number of ways. So develop partnership with some of these local talents. Doing so will be a smart and effective way to further enhance your brand with the quality entertainment that will help take your business to the next level.

(Note: Michael Jackson Impersonator 3 Legends services Wedding Reception Entertainment in the areas of Springfield, Bloomington, IL, Champaigne, IL Naperville, IL, Aurora, Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, Peoria, IL Joliet, IL, Rockford, IL, Kenosha, Wi Racine, Wi, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Madison, GreenBay, Wisconsin, Appleton, Wisconsin, Fond du Lac, Wi Janesville, Wi and many other locations outside the states of Illinios, Wisconson, as well as Internationally.)

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