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Send Your 1st Singing Birthday Telegram Like a Pro

Before congratulating the birthday boy or girl let’s start by congratulating you not just for thinking of them, but for doing the added research to make sure that what you do, is done right. This article is made to help you do that specifically in 3 key areas.

To begin the purple gorillas, costumed chickens, and half naked cupids may have their place to some, but while being the least expensive they are not for everyone. Now some individuals have a primary goal to spend their own money only to embarrass the birthday person, but this is only a good idea if they, not just you enjoy it. So if that special someone will thoroughly get a kick out of this, or if they will try to one up you in this category when your birthday comes around, options along these lines may be perfect for you. But it’s recommended not to skimp on what a person may not enjoy, or even secretly resent just to say you sent them a singing birthday telegram. The best gifts have a good thought and sometimes even a story connected with them.

Find their Favorite Entertainer

In a nutshell if the birthday boy or girl will seriously not forgive you for sending the above, and since we’re talking about a Singing Birthday Telegram, who is their favorite Singer or Entertainer? That can be your “thought and story”.

Get Quality

Now you’re on the right track looking into their favorite Entertainer and hiring a Celebrity Impersonator of that favorite Entertainer. However if this is your first or second time doing anything like this watch for the 3 rookie moves, because what you want and what the birthday boy or girl deserves are the same: the best in quality. These rookie moves may be due to a busy schedule, being a little too trusting, and last minute deals. As a Booking Agent and Entertainer for over 10+ years I see and hear of people who hire without seeing the Entertainer’s live video performances, hire without ever reading the contract to see if things like buyers protection is included, or worse yet hire an Entertainer who doesn’t have a contract or live video performances. Everything has a reason and if the Entertainer does not have any particular one of these things ask yourself “Why the Entertainer is being the Rookie, or giving the impression of one”?

Read the Reviews

The 3rd and final rookie move that being too busy or trusting may influence is not reading reviews. Maybe you looked only at the overall rating of 5 stars but didn’t read the one or two about the Entertainer being over an hour late or not showing up at all. This is not only a part of how you can select the best but how you may avoid the worse.

To conclude think about sending a singing birthday telegram the same as you would buying anything online. (1) You want quality, (2) the order or receipt in writing, (3) and reviews would help. If you keep these thoughts in mind then more than likely you will send your first Singing Birthday Telegram like a Pro!

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