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Wedding Ideas Sure To Create a Truly Special Day - Featuring Michael Jackson Impersonator 3 Legends

Your wedding day is one of the biggest celebrations that you ever experienced. Your gown, your ceremony, your vows, your bridal party, and your reception are things you have dreamed about long before the actual day. Family and friends gather to share in this amazing occasion. From the serious ceremony to the fun-filled reception, this day was meant for you! Here are some suggestion on how to make the day beautiful, memorable, and the talk of the town.

Entertainment: Friends and family come from near and far to be a part of this celebration and nothing keeps them staying until the very end like good entertainment. Your reception should really spotlight you (and your new husbands) personality. Here are just a few ideas to show that the sky is the limit.

  • Hire wedding entertainment: Last season the choreographed dance was all the rage. It was great when it first became popular because it often caught the guests off guard but now it is something people are no longer wowed by. Imagine their expressions when Michael Jackson Impersonator 3 Legends takes the stage and performsthe stage to perform the songs you grew up with! The dance floor will be packed and people will talk about this surprise long after the honeymoon is over.

  • Hired Music: Almost every wedding has a hired wedding singer, band, or DJ. Whoever you decide on make sure that they know exactly what you’d like. It is your big day so be as specific as you can. If you want soft music during the meal, pop rock for the first dance set, country for the second set, and hard rock for the third then just let them know. Hate the chicken dance or YMCA? Make sure you tell them or you can be almost guaranteed it will show up sometime in the night.

  • Go Dance Pro: Hire a few dance pro’s to mingle on the dance floor at your reception. The dance floor will be packed as guests enjoyfun line dances and some Dancing with the Star’s moments with your dance pro couple.

Favors: How many weddings favors have you received that now sit in the bottom of your desk drawer because they weren’t practical? The best favors are ones that your guest truly will use and enjoy.

  • Plants: Giving plants is a great way for guests to have something from your wedding that they will enjoy for years to come. Put a small succulent in a pot that compliments your theme (tea cup, mason jar, or contemporary planter) and place one at each plate setting for a combo favor/decoration. For an added touch, put their name on the pot and use as place cards.

  • Journal: A small journal in your theme colors is a great favor. For a personal touch, write a note on the inside cover of each thanking your guests for sharing in your special day.

  • Something local: A small sampling of a local item is something everyone will appreciate. Local honey jars, wine samplers, or candies are sure to be a hit.

Decorations: The first thing your guests will notice when they walk into the reception venue is the decorations but that doesn’t mean that they need to break the bank. (Note: Keep in mind, that if your venue has a spectacular view then less is more when choosing decorations. If your reception overlooks the vineyards of Sonoma or the skyline of Vegas then your decoration will simply need to compliment the spectacular view.)

  • Color theme: A color theme immediately catches the eye. Colored lighting, candles, layered table colors, and name cards create a great visual.

  • Candlelight: Candles create an ambiance that is hard to match. Tall layered candles on the tables, candelabras, and candles on the bar will immediately give your guests a warm and welcomed feeling.

  • Flowers: Small floral arrangements on the tables are great when used in a candlelit theme or a color theme. In a floral theme, your arrangements need to command the room. Tall or layered floral pieces on the tables work best. Use floral arrangements on the bar, buffet table, stage, and entrance.

No matter what theme you choose, what colors you use, or what venue you rent, remember that this day is about you, your groom, and a life together that starts out surrounded by family and friends who love you. Planning goes on for months (if not years) before the event but the day of --- enjoy being the bride! Embrace the day. No worries; just a celebration for the ages.


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