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Perfect Retirement/Adult Birthday Party location in Chicago.

Beverly Woods is a great place in Chicago 11532 S Western Ave. to be exact, that I would personally recommend if you are looking for a good Adult...(it can be hard searching through google for birthday places as an adult becuase all the children's places will pop up first) 30th, 40th and 50th Birthday Party, or Retirement party location. As a traveling Michael Jackson Impersonator with the opportunity to compare banquet hall services on a regular basis in connection with staff, ammeneties, and an overall experience I can say that Beverly Woods would rank high in all the categories and for an affordable price.

Staff: Very warm, personable/approachable, and service oriented.

Ammeneties: Dance Floors, Stage, A wall high santuary of exotic birds

Overall Experience: A Wonderful experience without breaking the bank; You and your guests will be glad you came.

While it is recommended to book early to reserve your date and time one good thing is that with the several rooms offered there are greater chances of your event being accomadated. The CARAVAN ROOM the one featured in the picture seats from 150 to 300 comfortably is the largest room with a stage for entertainment or for your head table. It also features a built in wet bar, an arch, and a large dance floor. You can email them at or call 773-233-7700. As far as Entertainment goes all my services are listed as Michael Jackson Impersonator 3 Legends be sure to check out a video blog showing some of my live performances.

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