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 The show that has inspired the rave reviews of: "Mind blowing and Riveting","Celebrity Struck", 'Best Bday in my life', and "thoroughly enjoyable". 
The Attitude, Style, and Songs you know.

New Shows, New Moves, New experience. 

Who or What is Michael Jackson 3 Legends?


Michael Jackson 3 Legends is a Tribute Artist / Celebrity Impersonator who began his musical journey at age 12 playing percussion for a Performing Arts School. When he won his second talent show by the end of High School (the first as Michael Jackson and the second as Jackie Wilson) it became clear what his passion would be. Today he is showcased as (1.) a Michael Jackson Impersonator with an electrifying tribute to the King of Pop,  (2.) the 3 Legends of Jackie Wilson, James Brown, and Michael Jackson, or (3.) other combinations of these acts. For over 10 years his talent and gift to embody these 3 Legends  has not only thrilled audiences all over but has led to friendship with two of Jackie Wilson's children, allowed him to meet Michael Jackson's Father, and James Brown himself. Nevertheless as an Artist in his own right with each new show comes a new performance and one to leave the audience completely fulfilled.



















The Michael Jackson Impersonator 3 Legends Tribute Show is available to hire for many events from Concerts to Corporate Events. From the Bachelorette Party to the Wedding Reception. The show can also be booked for events that include Adult Birthday Party Entertainment,  Sweet 16 Quinceañeras, 80s parties and more. 

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